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PAX East Preview: Saints Row IV

25 Mar

I have already played and beaten Saints Row: The Third, but even that wasn’t enough to prepare for the video I was about watch. I sat down to watch the Saints Row IV preview at PAX and what I saw topped Saints Row 3’s crazy and over the top approach. Super powers, gliding, super speed running, aliens, and a DUBSTEP GUN!?!? Volition seemed to take very crazy idea and managed to get it into the game. They even showed off the new enemy aliens which are led by Zinyak.

The presentation started off in Saints Row fashion with the MC running around and beating up civilians, and using a new weapon to inflate people until they explode, normal by Saints Rows standards. Then the dubstep gun was used, and basically the gun shoots some lasers and plays dubstep, but when it hits a target the bass drops and everyone in the near area has no choice but to dance to those beats. The demo didn’t end there, the MC hopped in a Monster Truck which crushes all the traffic, and drove to a Friendly Fire to change a very bland and boring rocket launcher, to a guitar case that shoots rockets……..you know nothing spectacular. Did I mention the mech you can pilot, that also has jets? There’s that too. Then we got to see some super powers.

The super powers in Saints Row IV are insane. First we saw the super speed, super jump and gliding powers, but that’s not all Saints Row IV has. It also includes telekinesis which is called TK, and ability to freeze your enemies solid, and then punch them into pieces. Of course this makes it seem like the MC is super overpowered compared to the enemies which is almost true. The aliens have a special enemy called the “Warden” which is stronger than the generic aliens and will be able to compete with MC’s arsenal of super powers.

With all those cool new additions and super powers, I’m definitely looking forward to Saints Row IV which is out August 20th in North America on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.