The Good, The Bad, The Ugly: Sony’s Conference

25 Feb

As February 20th has come and gone, so has Sony’s reveal of the PS4. At their conference, Sony showed of many aspects of their new console. Sony showed off the specs, the new UI, and most importantly the games. But the whole conference wasn’t perfect, here’s what Sony did well, and didn’t do well during their conference.


Showing off the specs of the PS4 was a right move on Sony’s part. While half of the audience probably had no idea of what any of the specs meant, I’ll give you a comparison. The PS3 had 512 MB of RAM, now the PS4 has 8 GB. The PS4 is also essentially a PC in a box. Gone is Sony’s proprietary Cell processor that developers loathed to develop for, the PS4 has a processor from AMD.

Sony showed off the controller, and while we don’t exactly know what the front touch pad is going to be used for, the controller still keeps the look all Playstation fans know and love, with a few minor, but welcome differences. The analog sticks are convex this time, and the triggers are more like the Xbox 360 controller. The newest and best addition to the controller is the share button. I’ll get into what that does soon.

The PS4’s new interface looks good, although it looks a bit like Windows 8, but nevertheless, the interface is much better than the current XMB. From what was showed off, the new PSN seems better. Players now have the ability to spectate their friends gameplay as well as play for their friends, should they allow it. Finally there is the new Share functionality. Basically the PS4 is constantly recording. Get a crazy kill in a FPS, you can instantly upload in online, without the need of a PVR.

Finally Sony showed of some games. Sony invited Guerilla Games and Sucker Punch to show Killzone: Shadow and Fall, and inFamous: Second Son respectively. This would of been enough for them to show, but Sony went above their call, and had demos from third party developers such as Capcom, Ubisoft, Blizzard, and even Bungie.


Remember when Sony acquired the streaming company Gaikai for 380 million dollars? Well the acquisition is finally being put to good use, but at the conference, Sony danced around the issue of backwards compatibility. Sony claimed that eventually the PS4 would be able to stream all PS1, PS2 and PS3 games, but when this is only an eventuality.

This is small an annoyance, but Sony didn’t actually show the console itself. While I understand that there is still 10 months until release, it’s easier to get excited for a product when you see it.

Most Playstation fans would usually be happy to see LittleBigPlanet creator Media Molecule to get up on stage, but what they showed was very confusing. No one was really sure if they were showing off a new game with the Move controller, or just a tech demo. Same with Quantic Dream. Sure it’s cool how realistic the person looked, but again this has no place at a console reveal.


Not much was ugly about Sony’s conference, but Square Enix really brought the conference to a low point. First they show a demo from a year ago, that every one watching has already seen, but then they just tell everyone to be excited for E3 because of a new Final Fantasy game. How about instead of announcing a new game, maybe Square should finish the one they’ve been working on for who knows who long now.

In conclusion, Sony had a great show despite a few low points, and I’m really excited to see what Microsoft can do to top Sony.


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