The Next-Gen is Near

31 Jan

Earlier today Sony posted a teaser on its website. The only thing worth noting is this teaser is the date and time. February 20th, 6 PM EST. 

Now we can only assume that is the day that Sony will unveil its next-gen console, the Playstation 4. As we eagerly await its unveiling, the only thing we can do is speculate on what exactly Sony will show.

The Name:

Up to now, everyone has heard the codename, “Orbis”. The name Orbis is certainly a possibility, especially if the Vita and Orbis interact with each other. Vita means life, and Orbis means circle in English. Put those together and you get “The circle of life”. Personally I do not like the name, and besides it wouldn’t mean much to consumers because barely anyone owns a PS Vita, let alone knows what a PS Vita is. The name Orbis also abandons the Playstation name that consumers know. When parents walk into a store and see an Orbis, they’re not going to know that it’s the new Playstation.

Another name that Sony may be considering, is just simply calling it the Playstation 4. It simple and everyone knows what a Playstation is and the 4 clearly indicates that it is a new Playstation. Or Sony can name their new console the Playstation. Honestly, I really don’t care what they call it, but that’s only because I know the core Playstation audience already knows that they’re going to buy the system. Sony has to name their next-gen for the casual folk. The people that barely know the difference between the Wii and Wii U.

The Games:

While I highly doubt many games will be shown, because I’m expecting Sony to do their big reveal at E3, but it wouldn’t hurt if Sony gave us a tease of what is set to come, so people know what they’re going to be getting into when they buy console at launch. If you didn’t know, Sony owns 12 studios, and most of them are currently working on unannounced titles. The key for this event is to show off key franchises.

Sony’s flagship studio, Naughty Dog has one team working on The Last of Us which is out on May 7th, but their second team hasn’t said anything on what they’re working on. It’s easy to guess that they’re working on Uncharted 4 because that is Sony’s biggest franchise. If Sony were to show off a trailer for Uncharted 4, and say that it is a launch title, people would go crazy.

Guerrilla Games also hasn’t announced anything, and their last game was Killzone 3, and now we can only assume Guerrilla Games is working on a sequel to Sony’s FPS. Guerrilla Games knows how to make amazing first person shooters, and if Sony wants their console to sell, Sony’s going to need show fans that they’re ready for the next-gen.

As I previously said, Sony is most likely going to wait for E3 to show off the majority of their launch titles, but teasing those two games will get people to pre-order their console early.

The Price:

“599 US Dollars!” That is one mistake Sony does not want to make again. After this generation, Sony has learned that their customers will not get second jobs to buy their console. The sweet spot for the PS4 is going to be 300$. The highest Sony can charge is 500$ and that’s really high for console. Today consoles, are becoming increasingly irrelevant, and Sony must price it perfectly to get people to buy it.

Hopefully Sony will show off some cool stuff at their event on February 20th, but even if they don’t show any games, or give the price, I’m still very excited to watch the event. Thanks for reading!


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