Games that Need a Sequel

4 Sep

Many games come and go, some become big hits and get sequels, while others, just as great in their own right, fall over, and are never seen again for years. Some games that are incredibly great didn’t quite catch on with enough of a audience, but if given a second chance, can big hits. These are just a few games than are in desperate need of a sequel.

1. Mirror’s Edge

The first Mirror’s Edge, developed by DICE, was a revolutionary title at the time it was released and still is today. It’s probably the first time a first person platformer that actually worked and was fun to play. Even though the game received good reviews, it seemed that EA wasn’t too impressed with the way it sold, and now EA has DICE working on the Battlefield series, but a sequel may actually still be a possibility as DICE has openly talked about developing a sequel. Here’s to hoping it actually happens.

2. Need for Speed Underground 2

Yes, yes I know the Need for Speed franchise is still releasing games every year, but I think EA pulled the plug on the Underground spin-offs to early. Sure the Underground series was piggy backing off the success of the Fast and Furious movies, but with EA developing a Need for Speed movie, this is the perfect time to revive, or reboot the Underground series. The game could be handed off to Criterion once their done with the new Most Wanted, and perhaps Criterion can breathe new life into the Underground series.

3. Star Wars: Battlefront 3

Finally the most obvious sequel fans desperately want. Ever since the beginning of the current gen, star wars fans and gamers alike have been eagerly waiting for the official announcement of Star Wars: Battlefront 3. The worst part is that this game was in development, and canceled twice. TWICE! This game has to be in development somewhere, even if it’s for a next-gen console. It only makes sense from a business perspective to get this game out on store shelves.

Any other games you would like to see get a sequel?


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