3 Ways to Extend the Mass Effect Universe

4 Sep
mass effect 3 wallpaper

The Mass Effect lore is as big as Earth

Mass Effect 3 has come and gone, and whether or not you liked the games ending, Mass Effect is a franchise that is here to stay. While Commander Shepard’s story is over, the Mass Effect lore is a gold mine for other stories to tell, whether it would be before humans found the Charon Relay, or another point of view during the war with the Reapers. There are many stories left to be told. Here are just 3 ideas of where the Mass Effect franchise can go.

1. The First Contact War/Relay 314 Incident

Known to the Alliance as The First Contact War, this war is about the first time humans made contact with the Turian race. In the year 2157 the Turians caught the Alliance activating a Mass Relay, which after the Rachni Wars was forbidden the Council. Once the Turians noticed the Alliance trying to activate the Mass Relay, the Turians attacked the Alliance ships, but one ship survived to warn the rest of the Alliance. The Alliance then counterattacked and a war between the Turians and Humans began.

The First Contact War is a huge moment in human history because it is the first time humans encountered another intelligent species. A Mass Effect game exploring these events can be very interesting and fun to play as either an Alliance, or Turian soldier.

2. The Rachni Wars

The first time the galaxy came together was during the Rachni Wars. Before opening dormant Mass Relays was forbidden by the Citadel Council, the Salarians opened a dormant relay, and on the other side of that relay were a race called the Rachni. Eventually the Rachni used FTL travel to attack and occupy Council worlds, which started the Rachni Wars. To help end the war, the Salarians brought up a race of warriors called the Krogans to help bring an end to this war.

Similarly to the idea about The First Contact War, this game can cast players in the role of a Krogan solider fighting to take back the Council worlds.

3. The Krogan Rebellions

Soon after the destruction of the Rachni, the Krogans started to expand their territory, until finally the Krogan started settling onto Council worlds. The Citadel Council demanded the Krogans to stop, but the Krogans refused and thus the Krogan Rebellions began. The Asari and Salarians powerless to stop the military might of the Krogan, they turned to the Turians, to help stop the Krogan.

The Mass Effect lore is huge, and to be a part of a turning point in the galactic community would as interesting and as fun to learn to completely learn about this war, as it involved entire races.

These are just a few ideas of how Bioware, or any other developer can extend the Mass Effect universe, into what some people are calling the Star Wars of today.

Did I miss any other wars, don’t forget there’s a comment section!


2 Responses to “3 Ways to Extend the Mass Effect Universe”

  1. Ashley Hagood September 5, 2012 at 12:25 am #

    That’s true that Mass Effect seems to be today’s Star Wars. It’s just such a huge, well-developed universe. Now that the games are over, I’m going to have to start getting into the Mass Effect books and comics to get my ME fix!

    I love your ideas for new games or DLCs. The First Contact War would be amazing to experience… that thrill of discovery and fear of an alien culture, with an ending that sets up the cooperation humans and Turians later enjoy. I would be interested to see how all that goes down and develops. In addition to these ideas, I’d love to learn more about the Quarians and the geth, too. =)

    Of course, I would love BioWare to go in a totally new direction too. The company is so good at building believable worlds populated with interesting characters, I can’t wait to see what franchise they start next. Great post!

    • vm4project September 5, 2012 at 2:42 am #

      thanks, and ya I totally forgot about The Morning War, that too would be interesting, especially to see it from a geth perspective. I know we already saw some of that in Mass effect 3, but it would be cool to a full look on the war

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